A pioneer engineering company of Nepal

1. Hydro-mechanical equipment

  • Steel Liners, Penstock Pipes and Manifold (max. 8m Dia.), Bifurcation/Trifurcation
  • Hydraulic Gates (Radial, Roller, Slide & Flap) max. 24 m x 22 m
  • Stoplogs and Trashracks

2. Electro-mechanical equipment

  • Manufacturing of Francis Turbine Stay Ring, Spiral Casing and Draft Tube
  • Manufacturing of Pelton Turbine Housing and components
  • Installation and testing of complete Electro-mechanical Equipment

3. High Voltage Substation construction (Turn Key Project)

4. Manufacturing/Repairing of high Voltage Generator/Motor   Coil  for up to 50 MW unit Generator and Motor Coil Workshop

5. Reclamation of Turbine Runner up to 4.5m Dia.

6. Repairing of Power Transformer and Distribution Transformer. Detail of Transformer Plant

7. Design, Manufacturing and Installation of heavy steel structures (motorable bridges, transmission towers etc.)