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Sanjen and Sanjen Upper Hydropower

Name of Project 1. Sanjen (Upper) Hydroelectric Project, 14.5 MW (SUHEP)                                                                                         2. Sanjen Hydroelectric Project, 42.5 MW (SHEP)
Project Location Chilime VDC, Rasuwa District
Employer Sanjen Jalavidhyut Company Limited
Contract No. SUHEP-068/69-Lot 4 and SHEP-068/69-Lot 4
Scope of Works Design, Manufacture, Supply, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of Hydro-mechanical Works
Contract Value (Approx.) 1. SUHEP NPR 244,000,000 + VAT 2.SHEP NPR 348,000,000 + VAT
Commencement Date 17.10.2013
Scheduled Completion Date 1.   SUHEP 02.11.2017
2.   SHEP   22.10.2017
Consulting Engineers  Chilime Engineering & Services Company Limited (ChesCo)
Unloading of Penstock Pipes of Sanjen(Upper) Hydroelectric Project (14.8MW) at Site Storage Yard
Erection of Syphon Adaptor pipe of Sanjen Hydroelectric Project (42.5) at the site